Oil Tank Installation

Pro-Oil provide a full and professional oil tank installation service from a FREE initial assessment to installation and certification as per OFTEC & Building Regulation Standards.

Installation services include:

  • FREE Initial tank/site survey & risk assessment
  • Tank installation
  • Tank base construction  
  • Oil supply line installation (plumbing from the oil storage tank to the boiler/appliance)
Oil Tank Replacement
  • Tank replacement
  • Tank re-location
Oil Tank System Servicing & Maintenance
  • Existing tank servicing/maintenance
  • Oil plumbing servicing/maintenance
  • Tank base maintenance
  • Water detection & removal
Oil Tank Removal/Disposal

If you are switching to a different form of heating system or switching to a renewable energy system and wish to have you tank removed, Pro-Oil offer a quick and clean tank & waste heating oil removal service. We can remove and dispose/recycle in a clean and environmentally safe manner. 

Fire Protection

Pro-Oil offer fire protection of your tank, whether it be for additional fire safety or if your installation doesn’t comply with OFTEC regulations. Fire protection consists of:

  • Fire Barriers and the fire boarding of oil tanks in internal structures so that they comply with current OFTEC & Building regulations
  • Fire Rating components (eaves/fences/etc.) 
Fuel Transfer/Removal

Pro-Oil are highly qualified and experienced in the handling and logistics of your heating oil or diesel. Our technician and drivers hold dangerous goods training licences (ADR) and HGV licences

  • Fuel oil transferred to any UK location
  • Fuel oil removal/recycle
Spill & Leak Response

Pro-Oil are here for your times in need! If your tank is leaking or a spill has occurred, we can respond quickly to remedy your situation. We offer:

  • Emergency call-out service
  • Removal of tank contents, storage at our premises and re-delivery when the tank has been rectified.
  • Oil spill environmental cleaning.
Fuel Dispensing

We can also meet your fuel dispensing needs. If you need to store fuel, we can install special dispensing tanks with meters that can be powered by mains, batteries or by gravity.